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Every company, every brand has a story to tell. We at T. Potter are devoted to working with you to create and shape your unique story. In today’s world, brands must do something different to stand out from the noise and clutter to be recognized, and everything communicates something. We'll dive head first into your brand to create a spot on STRATEGY. From there, we focus on the right mix of DESIGN, DIGITAL, and EXPERIENTIAL elements to share that story. We are storytellers.

What's Your Story?



Ad agencies make a name for themselves with stellar creative, but that creative first stems from really smart strategy. We invest the time and energy to get to know your brand, its history, what’s worked in the past, what shouldn’t be repeated, your pain points, and perhaps most importantly, you goals. Then we pound on it, build on it, sharpen it, and perfect it until that strategy works.


If advertising is part art and part science, this is the artistic part. Print ads, billboards, websites, apps, brochures, banner ads, social media images, logos, signs, storyboards, packaging, vehicle wraps, and so on all have to be designed. Have a brand Style Guide? Great! If you don’t, we’ll create one. Great design is that glorious mix for form and function—a common thread that is woven throughout all of your touch points.


A great digital plan and flawless execution is a must for all brands, but still, most brands miss the mark. Whether your digital strategy is a simple website and a Facebook account, or your digital plan consists of multiple SEM/PPC campaigns, complex retargeting, and reputation management, it must reflect the brand’s voice and positioning. Infusing that creative is where most companies fall short.


This is our favorite. How does a consumer interact and experience your brand live and in person? In this space, there is no substitute for experience, and we have over 15 years of it. From planning, to negotiating the deal, to managing all aspects of your on-site execution, we take care of everything. Experiential marketing is a big investment, but the ROI can cause your business to grow exponentially. Measurement is key.